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Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart Game - Help Eva Witheby uncover ancient relics!
Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart
After answering her uncle's call, Eva Witheby winds up far from home and amidst strangers in Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart! It's hard to know who to trust when treacherous Trails and veiled secrets abound. Alongside Eva, uncover relics in eye catching Hidden Object scenes. Unearth tools that will help you reveal shards of the precious jewel boards in this exciting whirlwind adventure!
Tags:Jewel  Quest  Mysteries  Trail  Midnight  Heart   (Rank:6,2009/12/02)
Paparazzi Game - Take photos and get the gossip!
Get a glimpse into the bizarre world of tabloid newspapers as you travel the country on the Trail of hot gossip and absurd news stories. Use your eyes and quick reflexes to capture photos of strange subjects and sell them to humorous tabloid newspapers for valuable cash. Join the Paparazzi!
Tags:Paparazzi   (Rank:475,2007/01/15)
Alchemist's Apprentice Game - Become The Alchemist’s Apprentice!
Alchemist's Apprentice
Become The Alchemist`s Apprentice in this exciting Hidden Object and Match 3 game! During your tenure at the High School of Magical Arts, your uncle Milton Klarfell, the governor of a province, writes to let you know that he is hot on the Trail of the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. As he travels around the globe it is up to you to bring his land back to its former glory using his incredible Alchemy machine.
Tags:Alchemist  Apprentice   (Rank:1270,2009/04/05)
The Mysterious City: Cairo Game - Look for lost artifacts in Cairo
The Mysterious City: Cairo
In The Mysterious City: Cairo, you take on the role of a junior archeologist hot on the Trail of thieves. Three ancient artifacts have gone missing and only you can track down the culprits and recover the precious items for the Alexandria Museum. Do you have the sleuthing skills to find the hidden clues and complete head scratching mini puzzles?
Tags:Mysterious  City  Cairo   (Rank:1191,2009/03/07)
Color Trail Game - Restore the colors to Colorland!
Color Trail
Help Wanda restore the colors of Colorland that were taken away by the evil wizard Mervin! Search for Mervin throughout the 6 different zones of Colorland, and make friends along the way. Create Trails of colors and shapes to solve the challenges. Climb the ranks from Wizard Initiate to a Divine Wizard or more!
Tags:Color  Trail   (Rank:682,2007/10/04)
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos Game - Capture a dangerous criminal.
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos
A mysterious and dangerous criminal believed to have been in hiding for over a decade, has suddenly re-surfaced. The target of your mission is Dr. Vladimir Chaosky, aka Dr. Chaos. Agencies have been trying to track him down since the Cold War, and now, more than ever, you must bring him to justice. Your mission is to apprehend the evil doctor through global investigative work. Your expertise in tracking fugitives and analyzing crime scenes will help you succeed.
Tags:Interpol  Trail  Chaos   (Rank:635,2007/08/04)
Beetle Bug 3 Game - Guide the missing bug babies to safety.
Beetle Bug 3
The world`s most famous Irish Beetle Bug is back! Help rescue over one thousand of his insect children that were kidnapped on a trip to the grocery store. Luckily, Beetle Bug is hot on their Trail in this spunky Pac-Man style maze. An out-of-the-box storyline, adorable voice-overs, and a scrolling features make Beetle Bug a treat you`ll savor.
Tags:Beetle   (Rank:817,2008/04/30)
Dracula Origin: Strategy Guide Game - Get helpful advice and strategy tips.
Dracula Origin: Strategy Guide
Play as the vampire slayer Professor Van Helsing, hot on the Trail of the diabolical Count in this thrilling Large File Adventure! Use the official Strategy Guide to solve complex riddles. Complete the game and improve your puzzle strategy skills with the Dracula Origin Strategy Guide.
Tags:Dracula  Origin  Strategy  Guide   (Rank:1206,2008/10/01)
Art Detective Game - Investigate counterfeited art pieces.
Art Detective
John Cromwell investigates high-profile theft for the FBI. He's on the Trail of a shadowy figure known as "The Ghost"; an expert thief who steals fine paintings and replaces them with replicas so convincing that most people don't realize the originals have been burgled. But John Cromwell isn`t most people. Through his eyes you will investigate the crime scenes, separate the real from the counterfeits, and piece together the puzzle to unmask The Ghost.
Tags:Detective   (Rank:991,2009/01/13)
Lost City of Z Game - Solve the mystery of the Lost City of Z!
Lost City of Z
Explore the exotic rainforest to find valuable clues and follow the Trail of a missing National Geographic researcher! Using the tools you discover along the way, trace the paths of past explorers who searched for an ancient civilization and find the missing adventurers. Use your Hidden Object skills to decipher mysterious messages and uncover the Trails of generations of explorers in Lost City of Z: Special Edition!
Tags:Lost  City   (Rank:1394,2009/09/18)