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Success Story Game - Build burgers and serve customers!
Success Story
After the new Robot Waiters crash and burn, McMoo-Moos finds itself in need of some good old fashioned elbow grease. Take this opportunity and work your hardest to make it all the way to the top! This Time Management game lets you build burgers, dish out dessert, and keep your customers happy. Add new items to the menu and move from restaurant to restaurant as you write your very own Success Story.
Tags:Success  Story   (Rank:1087,2009/04/03)
Flower Shop - Big City Break
Can you help Meg turn a small flower shop into a blooming Success? You'll need to keep the customers happy, the flowers blossoming and the money rolling in. Keep an eye out for helpful butterflies, and tricky bugs! Sound easy? Then see how many demanding customers you can help her serve at once!
Tags:Flower  Shop  City  Break   (Rank:453,2006/12/22)
Pet Show Craze Game - Catch the Pet Show Craze!
Pet Show Craze
Pets offer a lot of love, but they need a lot of care, too! Transform the cuddly kittens and adoring doggies of Petsville into Best in Show contenders as you wash and groom your way to Success. Along the way, you`ll sharpen your business sense and become the talk of the town. Catch the Pet Show Craze with thrilling gameplay and stunning graphics in 48 levels!
Tags:Show  Craze   (Rank:1018,2008/10/29)
Cathy's Caribbean Club Game - The Caribbean tourists need you!
Cathy's Caribbean Club
Enjoy the Caribbean while you turn a small business into a huge Success in Cathy's Caribbean Club! Prepare delicious smoothies in different locales, such as a Tropical Beach or a Fancy Hotel. Serve hundreds of different customers! Improve your Club by buying upgrades! Cathy's Caribbean Club is the game you've been waiting for!
Tags:Cathy  Caribbean  Club   (Rank:521,2007/03/28)
Beauty Factory Game - Become the CEO of a beauty company.
Beauty Factory
Become the CEO of a beauty products company and follow your intuition on which products to research, produce, and sell. Develop your fledgling company into a beauty empire by making smart business decisions on the upcoming fads in the industry. Take part in package design, promotion, research, and much more. Become a big Success in a great business.
Tags:Beauty  Factory   (Rank:557,2007/07/23)
Fashion Craze Game - Fashion Craze is sew much fun!
Fashion Craze
Have you ever dreamed of helping the fashion-challenged women of the world look their best? Then play Fashion Craze today! You`ll work up a sweat as you seat customers, take orders, prepare clothes and help your clients choose the best accessories. You`ll also get to dress Maria for Success each day and upgrade the shop. Featuring delightful graphics and easy controls, Fashion Craze is more addictive than shopping and more fun than a spending spree!
Tags:Fashion  Craze   (Rank:1089,2007/11/28)
Jessica's Cupcake Cafe Game - Help run Jessica`s Cupcake Café!
Jessica's Cupcake Cafe
Help Jessica transform her aunt`s failing old bakery into a complete Success. Get Jessica’s Cupcake Café up and running by attracting plenty of customers with delicious recipes and a hip atmosphere. Use your Time Management skills to earn as much money as you can, open up brand new shops, offer more tasty items, and upgrade your equipment. Keep the candy-coated cupcakes coming to please your clientele!
Tags:Jessica  Cupcake  Cafe   (Rank:1042,2009/06/03)
Continental Cafe Game - A world-class culinary puzzle adventure!
Continental Cafe
Laura's life is turned upside-down when she hits the big lottery jackpot. With her newfound fortune she decides to fulfill her dream of starting a new restaurant. But first she must travel the world solving culinary puzzles in order to learn the cooking secrets of accomplished master chefs. Once armed with this knowledge, she`s ready to start her career. The only thing Laura hasn’t prepared for is a hidden rival who`ll do anything possible to ruin her shot at Success
Tags:Continental  Cafe   (Rank:1158,2009/02/22)
Mythic Marbles Game - Discover your noble destiny!
Mythic Marbles
Embark on a great quest to build your skills and become a master of marbles. Gain recognition by seeking out competition with the greatest marble players throughout the empire. In marbles, a bright mind and cool temper aid masterful victory. Compete against the most revered men of the ancient era. Earn their advice, wisdom and marbles as tokens of Success. Be sure to have Mount Olympus on your side because the challenge against your final opponent will alter the course of your life!
Tags:Mythic  Marbles   (Rank:630,2007/08/07)
Diamond Drop 2 Game - Diamonds are a mole's best friend.
Diamond Drop 2
Gary, the mole, is facing the gruff challenges of being a diamond miner. Luckily, hes the cog in a Successful field growing economy. Overhead the cave ceiling is strewn with glittery diamonds. Help Gary collect these falling gems and toss them back up to create chains of three or more. Lend a hand and guide Gary down the road to Success, and also into the heart of his sweet love Angelina. Diamond Drop 2 promises dazzling fun for everyone.
Tags:Diamond  Drop   (Rank:803,2008/04/11)