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Jane's Hotel Game - Help Jane build a beautiful hotel.
Jane's Hotel
Help Jane make her dream come true and build a beautiful 5 star Hotel in Jane`s Hotel! You begin with a small 2 star Hotel at the outskirts of town and work your way to the top by upgrading accommodations and achieving an excellent reputation. Keep an eye on customer moods and make them happy by building a gold course, serving them exquisite drinks and good meals, or simply cleaning their room.
Tags:Jane  Hotel   (Rank:1112,2007/09/22)
Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies Game - Crack the case of the Haunted Hotel!
Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies
A year has passed since the first encounter with the Haunted Hotel. Since then, a lone FBI agent has taken the case and discovered that the mystery is deeper than originally suspected. His investigation leads him to the Lonely Star, a Hotel with an intriguing mystery surrounding it. Can our hero find out who is behind the disappearances and close the case once and for all? Help the agent seek out the answers in his thrilling investigation of Haunted Hotel 2!
Tags:Haunted  Hotel  Believe  Lies   (Rank:1163,2009/01/04)
Haunted Hotel Game - Explore creepy rooms to find items.
Haunted Hotel
After crashing his car on the side of the road, a bewildered traveler finds himself checking in to the Haunted Hotel! In Haunted Hotel, you must explore frightful floors full of spooky rooms to find Hidden Objects in creepy crevices. Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure full of mysterious mini-games and addictive Hidden Object game play!
Tags:Haunted  Hotel   (Rank:789,2008/03/05)
Hotel Dash: Suite Success Game - Check in for action and mystery!
Hotel Dash: Suite Success
When Quinn’s new travel business hits a snag, she needs Flo’s patented elbow grease to help renovate and run Hotels all over DinerTown! Experience a Hotel Dash as you deliver guest’s luggage, drop off room service and provide extra towels and blankets! Along the way you will use your tips to decorate and restore each Hotel back to its original charm. Watch out for the mysterious mishaps and accidents that threaten your progress in this fast-paced Time Management game!
Tags:Hotel  Dash  Suite  Success   (Rank:7,2009/11/22)
Jane`s Hotel: Family Hero Game - Help Jane become a famous hotelier.
Jane`s Hotel: Family Hero
Want to be a fabulous entrepreneur? Expand a boutique Hotel chain and provide 4-star service to eager guests. Help Jane purchase four International Hotels, make upgrades, and pay off that large looming bank loan. In addition to the normal guest services, Jane can now help customers buy souvenirs and take pictures. Jane`s Hotel: Family Hero is the hospitable sequel adding a brand new twist to time management and cafe simulation games.
Tags:Jane  Hotel  Family  Hero   (Rank:802,2008/04/02)
Pakoombo Game - Follow an ancient treasure map!
The greedy Mr. Lyar has decided to sell a small Hotel, and put an employee and his three kids out on the street! Help the three children follow an ancient treasure map across an island and save the small Hotel! Escape from a strange coconut monster and get help from the three island spirits, Pah, Kom, and Boh in this Match 3 game. Take on quests and get help from the island’s population in Pakoombo!
Tags:Pakoombo   (Rank:1151,2009/11/24)
Hotel Mogul Game - Help get back the family business!
Hotel Mogul
Lynette's conniving husband has cheated her out of her family business! Use your business savvy, and Time Management skills, to help Lynette repurchase her company and send her husband to the slammer. Buy, develop and sell commercial properties to make a profit. Build attractions that increase your income, and keep your eye on the bottom line as you purchase materials and hire workers, and become a Hotel Mogul!
Tags:Hotel  Mogul   (Rank:148,2009/07/30)
Tropicabana Game - Stage the hottest Match-3 show in town.
The Tropicabana Hotel and Casino is now open for business. As the new owner, you`ll need to hire a band to stage the hottest show in town. Make the right matches before an audience - you`ll hear the roar of their excitement, or the silence of their stare. Be on the lookout for stage mice as they scamper around in effort to distract you. Earn money after each level and use it for Tropicabana upgrades, or maybe even a date with little lady luck.
Tags:Tropicabana   (Rank:875,2008/06/12)
Jane's Realty Game - Help Jane expand an entire city.
Jane's Realty
Jane restored her family Hotel business and now she`s ready to expand an entire city. First, she`s got to manage major construction then move on to remodeling and renting homes. Help her learn the ropes by buying constructible surfaces and upgrading resources. The payoff is a modern town with magnificent infrastructure, and 24 professional levels in Jane`s Realty, a Time Management venture.
Tags:Jane  Realty   (Rank:1013,2008/08/24)
Cathy's Caribbean Club Game - The Caribbean tourists need you!
Cathy's Caribbean Club
Enjoy the Caribbean while you turn a small business into a huge success in Cathy's Caribbean Club! Prepare delicious smoothies in different locales, such as a Tropical Beach or a Fancy Hotel. Serve hundreds of different customers! Improve your Club by buying upgrades! Cathy's Caribbean Club is the game you've been waiting for!
Tags:Cathy  Caribbean  Club   (Rank:521,2007/03/28)