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Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove Collector's Edition Game - Explore the secrets of Dire Grove!
Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove Collector's Edition
Learn more about the Collector's Edition Be the first to play Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove with this special Collector’s Edition. Use your wits and Hidden Object and Adventure game talent to follow the trail of a group of missing graduate students in Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove! Experience all the exclusive Collector’s Edition extras including bonus “Easter egg” levels and puzzles that reveal secrets related to both past and future Mystery Case Files episodes. The integrated Deluxe Strategy Guide also includes extra video outtakes, concept art, screenshots, and desktop wallpapers. The Collector’s Edition includes:
Tags:Mystery  Case  Files  Dire  Grove  Collector  Edition   (Rank:3,2009/11/25)
Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition Game - Find the hottest fashion trends!
Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition
In Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition, you`ll Meet Abigail Andrews a true trendspotter! Abbie has just been hired at a well known fashion magazine to help the editor. Save the struggling magazine using your Hidden Object skills and highlight everything from street style to runway couture. With Fashion Week, the biggest event in the industry, fast approaching, Abbie needs to find the hottest trends around New York City and make the magazine a must-read again.
Tags:Fashion  Finder  Secrets  Fashion  Edition   (Rank:1298,2009/05/23)
Bounty Special Edition Game - An original puzzle adventure!
Bounty Special Edition
Join Mirabelle on an exciting puzzle adventure on the high seas. In search of treasure that once belonged to the infamous Captain Black Jack, you will travel through more than 100 levels, encountering challenging obstacles and amazing powerups.
Tags:Bounty  Special  Edition   (Rank:296,2006/08/06)
Chuzzle: Christmas Edition Game - Lovable, Sliding-Puzzle fun!
Chuzzle: Christmas Edition
Meet the Chuzzles: happy, lovable, furballs whose greatest joy in world is being snuggled up together. These little guys always huddle in a group, and they need your help to sort themselves out. Slide rows of Chuzzles vertically and horizontally to make their colors match, or help arrange them into intricate patterns to maximize their joy!
Tags:Chuzzle  Christmas  Edition   (Rank:601,2008/01/01)
Flip or Flop Home Edition Game - Help your poor Granny buy a house!
Flip or Flop Home Edition
Poor Granny has gotten herself in trouble again. She forgot to pay her taxes and now the Government has taken beautiful house. Now You have to help your poor Granny and start buying, renovating and selling houses. This is no easy task with over 99 houses to improve and make money selling you will have to match 3 your way thru tons of hours of gameplay to achieve your goal.
Tags:Flip  Flop  Home  Edition   (Rank:257,2006/03/17)
Fruit Fall Deluxe Edition Game - A fruit-tastic puzzle game!
Fruit Fall Deluxe Edition
Connect matching pieces of fruit by rotating the grid clockwise or counter-clockwise and letting gravity do its thing, making the fruits fall into place. Line up three or more pieces to make them disappear. This revolutionary puzzle game is guaranteed to have you hungering for more fruit-tastic fun!
Tags:Fruit  Fall  Deluxe  Edition   (Rank:393,2006/11/20)
Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition Game - Save Earth from a great chicken threat!
Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition
Chickens. For centuries we have oppressed them, grilling, roasting, stewing, and stuffing them in buns. The time has come for us to pay. Intergalactic chickens are invading Earth, seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthly brethren! It's time for you to fight for our ancestral right to omelettes. Will you succeed? Will the future of chicken burgers be secure? Or will you end up as part of the menu in a galactic chicken restaurant?
Tags:Chicken  Invaders  Christmas  Edition   (Rank:438,2006/12/16)
Newspaper Puzzle Challenge - Sudoku Edition
Challenge yourself and tease your brain with this fantastic collection of puzzle games. Play all 8 kinds of puzzles including Sudoku, Kakuro, Killer Sudoku, Giant Sudoku, Sudoku X, Mini Sudoku, Crosswords and more! Newspaper Puzzle Challenge will push your skills to the limit.
Tags:Newspaper  Puzzle  Challenge  Sudoku  Edition   (Rank:399,2006/11/03)
Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition Game - Santa needs you - so get designing!
Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition
Christmas spirit has faded away in the town of Good Tidings! It`s up to you and your expert team of builders to help them out! Use your New Tools and New Furniture to bring Style and Christmas Cheer to these townspeople! Make your clients happy by solving their riddle based requests and designing their dream room! You can design rooms in an infinite number of ways because YOU pick the furniture, colors, styles, and placement!
Tags:Home  Sweet  Home  Christmas  Edition   (Rank:986,2008/12/23)
Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition Game - Follow the Candy Land path to the Fiesta!
Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition
Dora, Boots, Diego and Backpack are on their way to a Fiesta! Help them find their way through Candy Land to the Fiesta at the end! The original Dora the Explorer`s version of the Candy Land board game is brought to a new level of interactivity! Enjoy a variety of mini-games and other cool features!copyright 2007 Hasbro
Tags:Candy  Land  Dora  Explorer  Edition   (Rank:140,2007/11/16)