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Cathy's Caribbean Club Game - The Caribbean tourists need you!
Cathy's Caribbean Club
Enjoy the Caribbean while you turn a small business into a huge success in Cathy's Caribbean Club! Prepare delicious smoothies in different locales, such as a Tropical Beach or a Fancy Hotel. Serve hundreds of different customers! Improve your Club by buying upgrades! Cathy's Caribbean Club is the game you've been waiting for!
Tags:Cathy  Caribbean  Club   (Rank:521,2007/03/28)
James Patterson's Women's Murder Club: Twice in a Blue Moon
On a violent night in the murky streets of San Francisco, a cryptic message becomes key to unraveling a gruesome investigation. Leading police on an intense chase, there is little time to stop a killer before he strikes again in Women’s Murder Club: Twice in a Blue Moon! Unravel a murderer’s tribute to the past by uncovering clues, gathering facts and revealing his identity before it’s too late. Immerse yourself in this thrilling Hidden Object game!
Tags:James  Patterson  Women  Murder  Club  Twice  Blue  Moon   (Rank:20,2009/12/15)
James Patterson Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey Game - Take a crack at a baffling murder case!
James Patterson Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey
An unidentified body is found on a rocky beach… was it an accident, or was it murder? The heroines of Women’s Murder Club are back. This time they must uncover secrets surrounding a recent murder at a prestigious Southern military academy. Investigate each crime scene with a professional eye. Take pictures and samples for examination back to the lab. Solve challenging puzzles and interrogate suspects to reveal the true killer in this thrilling adventure!
Tags:James  Patterson  Women  Murder  Club  Darker  Shade  Grey   (Rank:1194,2009/03/12)
James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet
A morning jog presents a chilling find, and a new wave of fear descends upon San Francisco. Enter the world of James Patterson, America`s #1 storyteller, and study murder scenes as Lindsay Boxer, Claire Washburn, and hotshot crime reporter Cindy Thomas. Find hidden objects inside nine investigations, brain-bending puzzles, strikingly-beautiful artwork, and an all-new spine tingling storyline. Discover the truth and stop a psychotic killer in Women`s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet.
Tags:James  Patterson  Women  Murder  Club  Death  Scarlet   (Rank:856,2008/05/31)
Pretty In Pink Game - Relive this memorable love story!
Pretty In Pink
Grab a record, put on Culture Club, and head back to the nostalgic 80`s in the Pretty in Pink Hidden Object game! This is your chance to relive the memorable story of Andie, Duckie, Blane, and the rest of the cast's unforgettable characters, but this time their fate is in your hands. Will the rich-boy Blane capture the heart of not-so-popular Andie, or will she end up with her tragically-in-love best friend, Duckie?
Tags:Pretty  Pink   (Rank:1296,2009/05/14)
Rock Tour Game - Become a rock lord in the music biz.
Rock Tour
What does it really take to become a player in the industry? Step into Rock Tour and learn the cut-throat business of the music business. Work with a local band that has major potential to top the charts. Promote them and outfit them in the latest gear. Along the way you`ll run into greedy Club owners, moody band members, random injuries, and falling record sales. Have you got the stamina to become a Rock Tour tycoon? Find out in this jammin` Time Management game.
Tags:Rock  Tour   (Rank:870,2008/06/16)
Hidden Expedition: Everest Game - Race to the Roof of the World!
Hidden Expedition: Everest
1st Runner-Up Best Hidden Object Game of 2007Fresh from a successful exploration of the wreck of the Titanic, the Hidden Expedition Club will pit one of its stellar members against a formidable group of opponents in a race to the summit of Everest. Other groups will battle you to be the first to summit Mount Everest. Expert Everest climber Ed Viesturs will assist you along the way. Explore mysteries of the world as you find hidden clues. Race to the Roof of the World!
Tags:Hidden  Expedition  Everest   (Rank:129,2007/06/01)