Action Arcade Games
Buy Air Patrol
Go on an Air Patrol and stop the aliens from invading! Suck up the aliens into your ship and stop them from making it to our world! Click quickly and grab multiple aliens at once to earn huge combo points!
Tags:Patrol   (Rank:0,2009/12/15)
Buy Worm Heroes
Help out these Worm Heroes by collecting delicious apples and avoiding the deadly piranhas! Plot your courses carefully to collect the fruit and make it to the water!
Tags:Worm  Heroes   (Rank:0,2009/12/14)
Buy Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart
After answering her uncle's call, Eva Witheby winds up far from home and amidst strangers in Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart! It'...eye catching Hidden Object scenes. Unearth tools that will help you reveal shards of the precious jewel boards in this exciting whirlwind adventure!
Tags:Jewel  Quest  Mysteries  Trail  Midnight  Heart   (Rank:0,2009/12/13)
Buy Kelly Green Garden Queen
Kelly is a city gal who has decided to abandon the concrete jungle for life on a budding organic farm. As the phone rings wildly, and a variety of c...other quirky relatives pitch in to help in the garden. Use your Time Management skills to help the nursery bloom and help her become a Garden Queen!
Tags:Kelly  Green  Garden  Queen   (Rank:0,2009/12/12)
Buy Ancient Vortex Blast
Use an Ancient Vortex Blast to clear the level as quickly as you can! Find the matching blocks and remove them from the board to proceed to the end! How many points can you rack up?
Tags:Ancient  Vortex  Blast   (Rank:0,2009/12/11)
Buy Desert Ambush
Save the missing troops by fighting your way deep into the heart of a mysterious temple in Desert Ambush! Punch and kick your way to safety as you battle deadly scorpions, scary skeletons, and many other enemies!
Tags:Desert  Ambush   (Rank:0,2009/12/10)
Buy Light Asylum Escape - Room 2
Escape from Room 2 in Light Asylum! Use your wits to collect valuable tools and find the missing Queen checkers to make it out of the asylum! Move quickly or be trapped forever!
Tags:Light  Asylum  Escape  Room   (Rank:0,2009/12/09)
Buy Ultimate Football
Score a touchdown in Ultimate Football! Time your passes perfectly to prevent an interception and score as many points as you can within the time limit. How many passes can you complete before time is up?
Tags:Ultimate  Football   (Rank:0,2009/12/08)
Buy Mustache Warrior
Become the infamous Mustache Warrior and use a bow and arrow to shoot down the hordes of evil bats! Aim your shots carefully and time each arrow perfectly to impale the flying rats.
Tags:Mustache  Warrior   (Rank:0,2009/12/07)
Buy Romance of Rome
Romance of Rome gives you a chance to visit the legendary Roman Empire! Love, treachery, adventure, and jeopardy await you in this amazing Hidden Ob...f his beautiful daughter as a reward, making Marcus` quest even more important! Search everywhere from the Coliseum to the Forum in Romance in Rome!
Tags:Romance  Rome   (Rank:0,2009/12/06)
Buy Cradle of Persia
Build up the glorious heart of Ancient Persia in this engaging puzzle game! This land was adored with luxurious metals and gems that were set to imp...e ruins. To do this you will need skill and a keen wit, but the result will unlock a mystery never before seen by man, here in the Cradle of Persia.
Tags:Cradle  Persia   (Rank:0,2009/12/05)
Buy Fishdom: Frosty Splash
Enjoy the start of winter with Fishdom! Cheer up and spread the merriment of crispy clear days around! Use your imagination to recreate the nippy an... levels and use it to buy festive fishies and winter-themed decorations. Get splashed with frosty joy in this sparkling and snowy sequel to Fishdom!
Tags:Fishdom  Frosty  Splash   (Rank:0,2009/12/04)
Buy Headfolk Cupid
Pair up the Headfolks with their true loves in this fast-paced puzzle game! Earn as many points as you can and make it to the next level!
Tags:Headfolk  Cupid   (Rank:0,2009/12/03)
Buy Escape from Victorian Room
Escape a mysterious Victorian room using your wits and items found throughout the scene! Discover the exit and make your way out of this dangerous situation! Explore every nook and cranny to find the necessary tools!
Tags:Escape  from  Victorian  Room   (Rank:0,2009/12/02)
Buy Flags of all Countries
Name Flags of all Countries as quickly as you can and earn as many points as you can in three different difficulty levels! Be quick on the draw and become as worldly as you can!
Tags:Flags  Countries   (Rank:0,2009/12/01)
Buy Mighty Red Orb
Guide the Mighty Red Orb of Eternal Power through dangerous mazes! Blast away obstacles to escape and survive the tunnels. Time your movements carefully to avoid the traps and collect valuable diamonds.
Tags:Mighty   (Rank:0,2009/11/30)
Buy Pakoombo
The greedy Mr. Lyar has decided to sell a small hotel, and put an employee and his three kids out on the street! Help the three children follow an a... help from the three island spirits, Pah, Kom, and Boh in this Match 3 game. Take on quests and get help from the island’s population in Pakoombo!
Tags:Pakoombo   (Rank:0,2009/11/29)
Buy Burger Shop 2
In Burger Shop, you successfully created a universal chain of restaurants and found fame and fortune... Until one day, you found yourself in a dumps...nt skills, adding new twists to your menu to entice new customers, while uncovering the truth about what happened to your original restaurant chain!
Tags:Burger  Shop   (Rank:0,2009/11/28)
Buy Swimming Pool Escape
Escape a dangerous swimming pool by piecing together clues and using these items to break out of the room! Solve tricky puzzles and find hidden objects to make it out safely.
Tags:Swimming  Pool  Escape   (Rank:0,2009/11/27)
Buy White Water Rafting Trip
Guide your raft over the rapids and make it to safety in White Water Rafting! Navigate carefully to make it to the end and succeed! How long will you last in these dangerous waters?
Tags:White  Water  Rafting  Trip   (Rank:0,2009/11/26)
Buy Star Blocks
Rotate the pieces around to get rid of them in Star Blocks! Make quick matches to beat the timer and make it to the next level! How many levels will you last in this fast-paced Puzzle game?
Tags:Star  Blocks   (Rank:0,2009/11/25)
Buy Deep Dive
Explore the depths of the ocean as you go on a Deep Dive! Avoid the treacherous teeth and rack up the points as you zoom from landing to landing and zip passed predators.
Tags:Deep  Dive   (Rank:0,2009/11/24)
Buy Headfolk Crowd
Toss the appropriate goodies to the Headfolk Crowd as quickly as you can! Chain together combos to score tons of points and make it to the next level! Make sure to choose the right resource, or loss points.
Tags:Headfolk  Crowd   (Rank:0,2009/11/23)
Buy Sea Journey
Become the captain of a ship and experience thrilling battles at sea, in Sea Journey, a unique Match 3 game. Each match you make has an outcome on t...ewels to purchase devastating new abilities, and upgrade your ship as you journey. Make the sea safe again for everyone by vanquishing your enemies!
Tags:Journey   (Rank:0,2009/11/22)
Buy Reincarnations: The Awakening
Jane is a professional copywriter who makes her living writing about makeup and fashion. A major magazine has given her a huge opportunity to write ...ite her award-winning story. Go on an exciting adventure as you travel through time and space in this fantastic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
Tags:Reincarnations  Awakening   (Rank:0,2009/11/21)
Buy Training Camp Escape
Use your wits to scour a room and collect items that'll help you escape from a training camp! Search carefully and unlock the door to make it outside! Move as quickly as you can, and piece together the clues left throughout the scene.
Tags:Training  Camp  Escape   (Rank:0,2009/11/20)
Buy Difference Engine
Spot the differences to power your engine and propel your ship through the depths of space as you race back to Earth! Beat the evil blob set on taking over the planet!
Tags:Difference  Engine   (Rank:0,2009/11/19)
Buy Gogo Pets Puzzle
Keep the Gogo pets happy by matching up the correct foods and feeding them! Work quickly to unlock different pet cards. How many levels can you pass before reaching the end of this addicting puzzle game?
Tags:Gogo  Pets  Puzzle   (Rank:0,2009/11/18)
Buy Chap Hai - Way of the Dragon
Knock away the yellow balls by using the same red ball. Plot your shots carefully to keep your ball on the board and keep going! Every level becomes more difficult and requires more plotting.
Tags:Chap  Dragon   (Rank:0,2009/11/17)
Buy Emoticon Defense
Defend a town using emoticons as your primary form of defense! Blast away the invaders and build powerful reinforcements! Each tower has different powers and accessories to unlock.
Tags:Emoticon  Defense   (Rank:0,2009/11/16)
Buy The Tudors
When King Henry VIII asks you to be his eyes and ears, you are drawn into a world of deception and murder. Travel across Europe as a spy and uncover...ven the simplest of objects as you explore the world of The Tudors. Political intrigue spans national borders in this historical Hidden Object game!
Tags:Tudors   (Rank:0,2009/11/15)
Buy Rainbow Web 2
Rainbow Web 2 welcomes you again to the wonderful world of the Rainbow Kingdom! The Royal Palace is still in the grip of the Sorcerer Spider, who ha...t citadel of evil in the magic kingdom. Match gems on webs, play a Hidden Object mini-game, and put together jigsaw puzzles to rid the land of evil.
Tags:Rainbow   (Rank:0,2009/11/14)
Buy Marbly
Match the colored balls to make them disappear in Marbly! Use as few moves as possible to move on to the next level and score as many points as you can. Think two steps ahead to succeed!
Tags:Marbly   (Rank:0,2009/11/13)
Buy Ultimate Racing
Hit the racetrack in Ultimate Racing! Race against the computer and complete five laps in as little time as possible! Avoid the obstacles and put the pedal to the metal!
Tags:Ultimate  Racing   (Rank:0,2009/11/12)
Buy Hexlines
Match 5 balls together to pop them in Hexlines, a gripping Puzzle game! Use your wits, and think two steps ahead, to prevent painting yourself into a corner. Play in either Classic or Arcade mode!
Tags:Hexlines   (Rank:0,2009/11/11)
Buy Warbringers
Command a tank into battle as you storm the bad guys’ headquarters! Blast you way through countless levels with your fleet of tanks and defeat the evil doers!
Tags:Warbringers   (Rank:0,2009/11/10)
Buy Chap Hai - Snake Bites
Master the game of Chap Hai – Snake Bites and use your one red ball to remove the yellow balls from the board in as few moves as possible. Aim your shots carefully and blast the other game pieces away within the time limit.
Tags:Chap  Snake  Bites   (Rank:0,2009/11/09)
Buy Night of the Scarecrows
Your farming village is under attack by an army of angry scarecrows come to life! These straw warriors have awakened from decades of sleep, determin...ring the Night of the Scarecrows! Defend the village using torches, pitchforks, animal allies, and don't let the scarecrows reach the village gates.
Tags:Night  Scarecrows   (Rank:0,2009/11/08)
Buy Azada: Ancient Magic
Big Fish Games Studios summons you back to the deep mystery and magic of Azada. Too afraid to enter the library, young Titus calls upon your courage...famous legends like King Arthur, Rapunzel, Henry Jekyll, Buffalo Bill, and many more. Can you unveil the dark hidden secret in Azada: Ancient Magic?
Tags:Azada  Ancient  Magic   (Rank:0,2009/11/07)
Buy Hostile Makeover
Solve a fashion murder mystery in this unique Hidden Object game! The world famous supermodel Amanda Manville has been murdered! Help smart and sa...arching for clues and interviewing suspects. Along the way, collect and wear new fashions that grant special sleuthing abilities to crack the case!
Tags:Hostile  Makeover   (Rank:0,2009/11/06)
Buy Reversi Gems
Light up all the Reversi Gems in this clever puzzle game! Think two steps ahead and carefully plot each of your moves. Play through three different game modes and rack up the points in Reversi Gems!
Tags:Reversi  Gems   (Rank:0,2009/11/05)
Buy Popopop 2
Solve clever puzzles in Popopop! Place the bubbles in the perfect spot to clear the entire board in one quick move. Each level becomes more and more puzzling, so keep your wits about you!
Tags:Popopop   (Rank:0,2009/11/04)
Buy Headfolk Catch
Collect the desired resources while avoiding the wrong ones in Headfolk Catch! Move quickly to beat each level and help the Headfolks build up their village.
Tags:Headfolk  Catch   (Rank:0,2009/11/03)
Buy Domino Quest
Capture the coins in Domino Quest and avoid the obstacles! Make your way across the board to beat this fun Puzzle game! Rotate pieces and plan ahead to make your journey easier.
Tags:Domino  Quest   (Rank:0,2009/11/02)
Buy Bubble'o'Mania
Blast the bubbles out of the air with well timed shots and move on to the next level! Take control of Bubble’o’Mania in this fast-paced Arcade game. Can you master all three difficulty levels?
Tags:Bubble  Mania   (Rank:0,2009/11/01)
Buy Monsters Gone Wild
Help these Monsters Gone Wild find their rhythm after drinking too much Halloween Punch! Find their rhythm and succeed in this fast-paced Arcade game.
Tags:Monsters  Gone  Wild   (Rank:0,2009/10/31)
Buy Boulder Basher 3
Protect your city from ogres using magical spells and destroying terrifying boulders! Move quickly to save your citizens and prevent your buildings from being destroyed. Give the ogres a taste of their own medicine by tossing the boulders right back in their faces!
Tags:Boulder  Basher   (Rank:0,2009/10/30)
Buy Headfolk Boom
Help the Headfolk collect resources by planting bombs and picking up all the valuable items. Avoid the enemies in Headfolk Boom and move quickly in this Action/Arcade game! Beat each level to make it to the end and win!
Tags:Headfolk  Boom   (Rank:0,2009/10/29)
Buy Contour
Use words to fill in the Contours and complete each level! Drag the object`s name into the outline as quickly as you can to earn bonus points and successfully finish this Puzzle game.
Tags:Contour   (Rank:0,2009/10/28)
Buy Slidern
Think two steps ahead in Slidern and put the pigs back into their colorful pens! Use as few moves as you can to solve each Puzzle! Use your wits to progress through each level and master Slidern!
Tags:Slidern   (Rank:0,2009/10/27)
Buy Falcon Wing
Guide the Falcon Wing to victory by blasting through wave after wave of enemies! Shoot first and ask questions later in this fast-paced Arcade game! Upgrade your ship to make sure you last as long as you can!
Tags:Falcon  Wing   (Rank:0,2009/10/26)
Buy Gollide
Knock the balls off of the board in this tricky Puzzle game! Use as few moves as you can to clear each level! Score as many points as you can and solve each puzzle!
Tags:Gollide   (Rank:0,2009/10/25)
Buy Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship
Help Edwina Margrave find her grandfather`s hidden treasure in this exciting Hidden Object Adventure game! Edwin Margrave was a famed treasure hunte...o Edwina to figure out what happened. Learn about the legendary treasure and follow the clues to discover the secret of Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship!
Tags:Margrave  Manor  Lost  Ship   (Rank:0,2009/10/24)
Buy Twist It
Twist It and solve the puzzles as quickly as you can to collect the golden coins and earn as many points as you can! Make each piece the same color, to complete each level and finish this exciting Puzzle game!
Tags:Twist   (Rank:0,2009/10/23)
Buy Ancient Symbols
Discover the Ancient Symbols as quickly as you can in this intense puzzle game! Score as many points as you can and reach the end! Play through 25 tricky levels and use your wits to progress to the end!
Tags:Ancient  Symbols   (Rank:0,2009/10/22)
Buy Chap Hai
Compete in the game of Chap Hai and send your opponents play pieces soaring off the board! Aim your shots perfectly and choose your strategy carefully to complete every level in this exciting Puzzle game!
Tags:Chap   (Rank:0,2009/10/21)
Buy Tribal Hop
Jump from platform to platform in Tribal Hop! Choose one of four wacky characters as you work your way to the top of the volcano! How long can you last in this fast-paced Action/Arcade game!
Tags:Tribal   (Rank:0,2009/10/20)
Buy Candy Party
Collect all the treats in Candy Party! Avoid the disgusting peppermints as you progress through each level and munch on sweets! Move quickly and carefully to escape this delicious maze.
Tags:Candy  Party   (Rank:0,2009/10/19)
Buy Blob Bopper
Help a fish collect bubbles before they explode and create shockwaves throughout the sea! Collect as many points as you can in this fun Arcade game! Move as quickly as you can to catch each bubble!
Tags:Blob  Bopper   (Rank:0,2009/10/18)
Buy The Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventure
Investigate eerie hijinks and uncover a mystery that will leave you in stitches! Work your way from one hilarious scene to the next as you help Moxx...olly Gang`s Spooky Adventure. Solve hidden object puzzles, beat minigames, and chat with a colorful cast of characters in this wacky Adventure game!
Tags:Jolly  Gang  Spooky  Adventure   (Rank:0,2009/10/17)
Buy Ancient Powers
Master the magical Ancient Powers in this fast-paced and exciting Match 3 game! Combine the different tiles for intense powerups! Beat each level to make it to the end of this gripping game!
Tags:Ancient  Powers   (Rank:0,2009/10/16)
Buy Pool Fiesta
Enjoy a wacky Pool Fiesta in this exciting Arcade game! Shoot the ball perfectly and knock all the other balls into the pockets! How many shots will it take you to clear each table? Rack up the points and make some caliente shots!
Tags:Pool  Fiesta   (Rank:0,2009/10/15)
Buy Blocky 2
Clear the screen of all the faces by matching blocks in Blocky 2! Use as few moves as you can to rack up the points in this fast-paced puzzle game! Enjoy the hilarious tunes as you blast through multiple levels.
Tags:Blocky   (Rank:0,2009/10/14)
Buy Zap in Space
Blast your way through space with the lovable robot, Zap! Destroy dangerous asteroids as you travel at the speed of light! Collect health and fuel and make it into the deepest areas of space! Go where no robot has gone before!
Tags:Space   (Rank:0,2009/10/13)
Buy Flying Patterns
Flip the butterflies to solve the puzzle and make the shown design! How many steps will it take you to recreate the level and make it to the end of the game?
Tags:Flying  Patterns   (Rank:0,2009/10/12)
Buy Ultimate Mega Hoops
Make as many baskets as you can as the hoop moves from side to side! Each level sees the hoop move quicker and quicker, so time your shots as perfectly as you can. Make it through all the levels while racking up all the points you can.
Tags:Ultimate  Mega  Hoops   (Rank:0,2009/10/11)