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Escape the Museum Game - A thrilling puzzle adventure!
Escape the Museum
Help Susan work her way through the rubble of the National Museum of History after an earthquake rocks the city and separates her from her daughter. Escape the Museum is a unique game pulling on the familiar Hidden Object mechanic while building on the casual-friendly Adventure game play. Can you help Susan get back to Caitlin, her daughter, and escape the Museum together?
Tags:Escape  Museum   (Rank:51,2008/03/13)
Escape the Museum 2 Game - Reach the museum and save your wife!
Escape the Museum 2
After a devastating earthquake rocks the city, David must reach the Museum before nightfall and save his wife and daughter! Explore different Hidden Object scenes, and solve a variety of puzzles, while journeying across town to your family. Navigate the treacherous streets, risk life and limb at every step, and figure out the best possible path with the help of an unlikely stranger in Escape the Museum 2.
Tags:Escape  Museum   (Rank:3,2009/12/13)
The Nightshift Code Game - Hidden Object mystery adventure.
The Nightshift Code
The Nightshift Code is a Hidden Object adventure game that takes players on mysterious and sometimes dangerous journeys from an ancient history Museum in Chicago all the way to a secret location in the Greek Isles. You will search for hidden objects and piece together clues to unlock challenging puzzles, ultimately digging for a lost treasure.
Tags:Nightshift  Code   (Rank:201,2008/02/14)
The Serpent of Isis Game - Catch the train and solve the mystery.
The Serpent of Isis
In the early 1900`s the legendary artwork, the Serpent of Isis, was stolen at the grand opening of the Egypt Museum in Cairo. Originally discovered by your grandfather, you have been searching for the missing masterpiece your entire adult life. One day, a mysterious letter arrives indicating that the person who possesses the artwork can be found on board the Mont Palu Express. Catch the train and solve the ancient mystery!
Tags:Serpent  Isis   (Rank:65,2009/03/05)
Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure
1st Runner-Up Best Hidden Object Game of 2008! A few months have passed since Susan`s ordeal in the Museum, and she`s been in no hurry to greet danger again. But when a prized notebook arrives at her office from an anonymous source, both her interest, and her suspicions are raised. The information contained within is too valuable to ignore. Soon she`s off traveling the world, solving puzzles and tracking down mysterious clues in search of the most renown treasures of history and legend.
Tags:Adventure  Chronicles  Search  Lost  Treasure   (Rank:66,2008/12/23)
NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye Game - Track down the elusive Jaguar`s Eye!
NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye
Mike was a night-security guard at a metropolitan Museum. Isabel was cat burglar hunting for ancient treasure. But on the night they met, the only thing she ended up stealing was his heart. Now they are on the trail of an ancient Aztec Codex known as the Jaguar`s Eye, an artifact rumored to have incredible power. Their journey will take them to cities all over the globe, like Moscow and Barcelona, and eventually lead them back to the place where it all began, over 70 years ago.
Tags:NightShift  Legacy  Jaguar   (Rank:252,2009/01/22)
The Hidden Object Show Game - Showcase your hidden object talents.
The Hidden Object Show
Ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire? Get the glitz of a game show with the joy of hidden object sleuthing. Enter an abandoned movie studio to search for a list of items in 30 distinct scenes. Become a contestant on The Hidden Object Show for up to $8 million (virtual) dollars in prizes. From the makers of Escape the Museum comes a Hidden Object game with starpower. It`s time to release your inner celebrity and take the reality show challenge in The Hidden Object Game Show.
Tags:Hidden  Object  Show   (Rank:211,2008/05/15)
Mystery Stories: Island of Hope Game - Solve an old Caribbean curse.
Mystery Stories: Island of Hope
Top New York journalist Michelle Deanfield is finally taking a much needed Caribbean vacation. Join her on the white sands amidst the magic of the Mayan culture, steeped in legend and divinity. Not to mention, a good-looking diving instructor in her view. Everything is rosy for Michelle, that is, until the curse strikes and a Museum casket goes missing. The natives claim it`s a curse from old spirits, but Michelle sets out to prove otherwise in this Hidden Object game. Will she uncover a network of lies in Mystery Stories: Island of Hope?
Tags:Mystery  Stories  Island  Hope   (Rank:284,2009/07/22)