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Dragon Portals Game - Help Mila save the dragons!
Dragon Portals
The friendly Dragons have been bound to earth with dark magic! You have the chance to save the mystical Dragons with our radiant heroine Mila. As the descendent of the ancient Dragon sentinels, it`s up to Mila to open up the Dragon Portals necessary to set the Dragons free. Travel across an incredible world and use special power ups to complete each challenging level. Get hooked on exciting Match 3 gameplay!
Tags:Dragon  Portals   (Rank:292,2009/08/17)
My Kingdom for the Princess Game - Earn the hand of a beautiful princess!
My Kingdom for the Princess
A terrible tornado has been turned the kingdom upside down! The beautiful Princess Helen must return to her sick father, King Olgert, but the roads are in ruins, the hamlets are destroyed, and a hungry Dragon circles the skies above. Rebuild the empire from the ground up and fix the destroyed towns. Help the brave and noble knight, Arthur, restore the land using your Time Management talents in My Kingdom for the Princess!
Tags:Kingdom  Princess   (Rank:5,2009/11/29)